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How does Laravel Dusk work?

Dusk was just recently introduced along with Laravel 5.4 and I wanted to take a deeper look into which external tools were being utilized and how I can use these to create scripts that would perform trivial tasks within a browser. Here is what I found out.

Laravel Dusk uses two main tools to get set up. First, ChromeDriver is used as a Google Chrome instance. This replaces the need for a Java/Selenium standalone server. The other half of Laravel Dusk uses Facebook's PHP WebDriver and this library serves as a wrapper for Selenium and therefore goes hand in hand with ChromeDriver.

To get started, begin by downloading the ChromeDriver binary. Once this is done, create a composer.json file and add the following:

    "require": {
        "facebook/webdriver": "^1.2"

With both of these in hand, we can start to program actions against a Google Chrome instance. In this simple Search class, I'll launch a ChromeDriver instance, visit Google, type some text into the search box and take a screen shot of the results. Here is what goes into search.php:


require __DIR__.'/vendor/autoload.php';

use Facebook\WebDriver\Chrome\ChromeDriver;
use Facebook\WebDriver\Chrome\ChromeOptions;
use Facebook\WebDriver\Remote\DesiredCapabilities;
use Facebook\WebDriver\WebDriverBy;


class Search
    private $options;
    private $caps;
    private $chrome;

    public function __construct()
        $this->options = new ChromeOptions();
        $this->caps = DesiredCapabilities::chrome();


    public function __destruct()
        return $this->chrome->quit();

    protected function setOptions()
        return $this->options->addArguments([
            '--user-data-dir=/Users/kjung/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Profile 1/',

    protected function setCaps()
        return $this->caps->setCapability(ChromeOptions::CAPABILITY, $this->options);

    public function boot()
        return $this->chrome = ChromeDriver::start($this->caps);

    public function text(string $text)

$search = new Search;
$search->text('laravel dusk');

Of course you can call this with php search.php.

Here are some good resources to get you started:

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